Howling Wolfram.
Hello! My nickname is Wolfram and I'm 16 years old tomboy/cosplayer. I live in Rybnik - small city in Poland. I make cosplays from March 2011 to now. I hope you like my cosplays. My hobbies is drawing, photography, animals, music and of course cosplay. I make cosplay so I'm manga and anime lover of course. My favourite anime is K-Project, Shingeki no Kyojin, No.6 and Ao no Exorcist. I don't have any favourite manga but I don't like read... Also I love BL games from Nitro+CHiRAL (yaoi ♥). My favourite is DRAMAtical Murder. My favourite food is pizza, junk food and sushi. I really love drink green tea. If you want ask me about something, write to me.
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Clear’s gloves and watch.Cosplay progress~

Clear’s gloves and watch.

Cosplay progress~

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